Overwatch Release Date Leaked

Overwatch Release Date Leaked

UPDATE: Blizzard has posted an official statement on the matter with details on how and when the beta will work. Looks like pre-orders not only come with early access to the open beta, but they’ll also come with a key to get someone else into the open beta early.


Thanks to an ad wrap that has since been taken down, IGN.com has given us more details on the upcoming Overwatch release. The ad details an official release date of May 24, 2016 and apparently lead to a page that indicated that anyone who pre-orders before April 29th will get early access to an open beta period starting May 3rd, though there seems to be little confirmation of this final detail. We’re very excited for the release of Overwatch here at Gamer Review Guides, and you can be sure we’ll have day one coverage.

Thanks to neogaf poster Sn4ke_911 for the screenshot and tip!

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