Oculus Rift Pre-orders Now Open

Ladies and gentlemen, the future starts today. As of 8am PST on January 6, 2016, the Oculus Rift Pre-orders are officially available. We’ve suspected for a long time that the price tag would likely be the biggest draw-back to the rate at which the Oculus was accepted by the general public, but now we have an exact number; and it is a big one. So how much will the Rift actually set you back? ...[Read More]

EVE Online Sale in Preparation for Upcoming Expansion

What’s that? You enjoy space, economics, and interactive screensavers? WELL HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU! Eve Online is on sale through December 10, 2015 at 5PM PST on Steam for 75% off, getting you a month of play time, a skill booster, a starter ship, and a handful of other useful beginner’s tools for $4.99. This all comes just in time for a new Player VS. Player and Player VS. Environm...[Read More]

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