Friday News Fix

Friday News Fix 8 – 03/04/2016

Hey guys, Friday News Fix 8. GO! Game Streaming Service Utomic Launches – Utomic is a new game streaming service that takes the traditional game streaming concept and turns it sideways. Rather than playing a game on a server farm and having the video streamed to you, Utomic actually downloads part of the game to your PC so you can start playing right away while downloading the rest of the ga...[Read More]

Friday News Fix 7 – 02/26/2016

Hey guys! It’s friday, so you know what that means… It’s Friday News Fix 7! Woo! Not a ton happened this week, but here’s a few highlights:   Xbox Live free games with Gold for March 2016 –  Lords of the Fallen, Xbox One Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment, Xbox One Supreme Commander 2, Xbox 360 Borderlands, Xbox 360 Playstation Plus free games for March 2016 ...[Read More]

Friday News Fix 6 – 2/19/2016

Good Morning everyone, and welcome to Friday News Fix 6! This week was a big one for Gaming and Gamer Review Guides, as we had a couple of announcements, the DICE Awards, and added a new writer to the site! You may have already seen some of his work, and you’ll see more in the future. He’ll be doing a bit of everything, including news, reviews, and helping out with the Friday News Fix!...[Read More]

Friday News Fix 5 – 02/12/2016

Hello again everyone and welcome back to the Friday News Fix! This here’s episode 5, and we’ve got some hard-hitting stuff this week. Let’s get to it! C’mon, wtf… Apple — Tyrone Rodriguez (@tyronerodriguez) February 7, 2016 Binding of Isaac Rejected from iOS App Store – According to Eurogamer and the above tweet from Binding of Isaac: ...[Read More]

Friday News Fix 4 – 02/02/2016

Hello again everyone and welcome to Friday News Fix 4! Not a lot to say, so we’re just going to jump straight into it:     LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Coming in June – It was just a matter of time, really, but The Force Awakens is getting it’s first official game on June 28, and it’s coming in the form of Lego. Shortly after the Xbox Marketp...[Read More]

Friday News Fix 3 – 01/29/2016

Hello again everyone and welcome to Friday News Fix 3 – Saturday Edition! You may remember that we were running a little contest for this week, but since we had no entries, we’re doubling down for next week. Head over to and submit a headline, tip, or review request to be entered in a drawing for a beta key for Runescape Chronicle! You c...[Read More]

Friday News Fix 2 – 01/22/16

Hello again loyal readers and newcomers! We’ve got week two of the Friday News Fix coming at you right smack in the middle of the day, and we’re looking at the best news of the week. But before we get started, I want to direct your attention to the nifty green blue bar just above this article, or to the Hamburger menu at the top right of your mobile phone screen. There’s a new op...[Read More]

Friday News Fix 1/15/16

Heyo everyone, and welcome to the very first edition of the Friday News Fix here at! The Friday News Fix is where we’ll take a look back at the headlines of the week and talk about some of the things that were. So without further ado…   Psychonauts 2 Fig Campaign Complete – The highly regarded Psychonauts is finally going to get a sequel after almost 11...[Read More]

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